Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jaagore, India jaago!!!

It's heartening to see that the youth's attitude towards politics; government and elections are changing towards better. More and more youngsters want to cast their vote and elect a capable representative. The change in each society is evident. Mangalore is going to vote on 16th of May and the crowd for the pre-election formalities in various schools as well as the Mangalore City Corporation saw many youths actively and enthusiastically waiting to get over with the formalities. Mr B N Radhakrishna Rao, Managing Partner, Vivek Engineering Corporation rightly says, "A bad government is chosen by the literate good people who do not vote."

The election campaigners and the politicians too have observed this healthy trend. When they go for campaign they have the youths too in their small- big groups.

The Information technology field and the Education sector coming and actively participating in elections would in long run benefit the 'Common-Man' in a positive manner. "Youngsters should take charge and send all corrupt oldies home," opines Mr Vivek Shenoy, a Mangalore based businessman and a farmer by hobby.

Thanks to the media attention on such changes that even the youngsters who had the mindset that 'Politics is corrupt' are planning to go ahead and make a difference. In a broader perspective we know that it's not the field, which is corrupt, and it’s not the politicians who are responsible for this situation. In fact it is we young-old citizens who do not take the opportunity of casting vote and elect an apt representative, who is responsible for it. It's drop by drop which makes an ocean. Hence every vote of ours counts. Dr Mekla Shenoy, who is completing her internship at Kasturba Medical College (KMC), Manipal says, "It’s a very good sign and shows that its high time youngsters take responsibility for the country. I vote and I request all youngsters to do the same."

"Today's youth need a broadening of their vision about life, and a deepening of their roots in their culture, tradition and value systems." says Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder of Art Of Living, a volunteer based NGO, who requests all of the youngsters to make a difference in the society by exercising one's right to vote.

However still there are many who feel voting and elections is not their cup of tea but continue to grumble about the state of affairs in the state, condition of roads, increasing violence etc. Enlightening prospective minds has become an indispensable aim of ours. It’s rightly said YOU HAVE NO WRITE TO COMPLAIN IF YOU HAVE NOT CAST YOUR VOTE.


My life is my lesson! said...

This is absolutely correct, voting is a moral obligation and duty of every citizen and unless and until we execute our duites properly we can't be raising our voice on the politicians and their ignominious acts. And the youth of today have started to understand the importance of voting and i hope we send those corrupt oldies back home and get a set of pure blooded politicians!

Jai Hind!

priyadutta said...

Didnt know you had a blog.. we were planning to start one together...:(

priyadutta said...

We were supposed to start a blog together... Did'nt know you already did. could have informed:(