Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why Meditation and why Spirituality??????? That too Now????

Here is what Bawa, I mean Khurshed Batliwala, one of the Dynamite behind Youth Empowerment Skills Workshop (YES!+) and an IITian has to say. He told this in a talk-series in Yuvabharat in ETV. I religiously wrote it down as it bowled me over.

Nowadays in this world all are meditating. We need to take advantage of what we learn in Art of Living. Far instance, outside an examination hall or an interview, you are all tensed and rushing through pages. You see this person next to you, all cool, ready to conquer and able to handle the situation. He might have been made fun off for meditating or doing Kriya. But see the situation Here. Where who stands?!

What is the Right Age for Spirituality?

We can get into spirituality now or when we are 50-60 years old also. We get into spirituality, we retire. But earlier we enter; we Retire but WE RETIRE RICH. It’s like investment. We invest an amount now; we keep getting returns from now itself. But even if we invest, say in our 30’s we will get returns, but it will be lesser by Few crores ;) So later the spirituality we will retire but will not Retire RICH.

But ultimately we need to save our MIND. Stay Calm.

Warning :) One Ignores spirituality at ones own risk.

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