Monday, September 14, 2009

CoMmUnicAtion UncOmmunIcateD!

Today something very funny and profound happened. Swathi (YES!+ Volunteer) and myself got into this bus to go to a College to meet a Professor and AOL devotee. I did not know the location. It was ‘Maryhill’. Swathi told me she knew the place. Was so proud of her, for the reason that though she is from North-India she knows places in Mangalore as well as Kannada. I asked her how she knew this area; she told she used to go to Shirdi temple next to it. Hmmm Impressed me!!!

We started off in bus. So many places passed and my intuition told me that we missed our stop long back. Bus was almost empty. I turned and asked the lady if Maryhill has passed. She told long back, and advised us to go back in this same bus. By then the conductor too was all upset, more than us. I sat and was like sheh! But then in these times I laugh a lot. So started smiling at myself and relaxed. Then it dawned that poor Swathi knew the old address, which was Ladyhill. Even she was equally surprised at the bus-route. I laughed, smiled and observed. Was happy on getting this long ride. Then all of a sudden realised, even in my life, all the people around me and little bit of me had decided upon a destination for myself. But the nature had better plans. Bigger goals. I started enjoying the bus-ride, just like how I sat back and started looking at the turns my life was taking, with lots of amazement. Beautiful! Its taking me,To Me, to newer and greater heights.

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