Sunday, July 4, 2010

Back to school...

Blogging back! Had been busy and lazy. The latter part is for sure, I shamelessly admit. A YES!+ course and my new work as a teacher in The Yenepoya School, Mangalore. Being with these children has literally made my head empty (or rather realise it), heart full and hands busy. Being an Art of Living volunteer, seeing knowledge in everything is a skill I always wanted to develop. And as Guruji says, assuming that you already have it, is how I started off. Learning is one thing which all children want to involve themselves in, against being taught. The education system, I come from does not encourage that bit, but this school does. So the teachers and children alike are busy. By the time I reach back, I am tired and least bit stressed! A job which keeps me on toes! Living in present moment happens and happens. Being a class teacher, it gives me more pleasure, as they mean more to me, than just the subjects I take for them. A new-born at their home, or their family member returning back home from a trip, n


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