Friday, July 9, 2010

Walking the Path

It is said, when the disciple is ready the Master arrives. Never realised this the first time I happened to meet Sri Sri, on 14 February 2005 at Bangalore Ashram. I was all excited about the trip to Bangalore, travelling alone i.e. without family and after coming back from Dubai, I had never visited the city, where my parents started their life together :). Meeting Guruji would happen along with all the above mentioned so-called-important things. He arrives and suddenly the environment changes, there is this lightness outside as well as deep inside. A Sudarshan-Kriya feel. He meets all of us. That look in His eyes was so divine, that I still get mesmerised in the thought of this meeting itself.
Everytime meeting the Master is a destiny designed to choose our free-will. That excitement we feel while waiting outside Kashyap, mentally listing out the things which i would have to mention, when the other part of the mind is busy making me understand, “Vini! I am so sure you will feel all this as a total hollow process.” I continue. Then the walk to the Kutir. Excitement builds up even more, like a nail-biting match minus the fear of losing. What is there to loose anyways.. I wait... I wait... Many hoax calls of His arrival later, I have this gut feeling, YES! He is going to be here now. And the door opens along with me opening my eyes... Pun is very much intended. He steps in. Mind goes blank... a Satvik Blank. All the reasons, problems, queries, news, blessings, miracles seem like dust in front of the wind :) He walks and He is standing next to the person sitting beside me and giving me glances. Glances have such therapeutic effect, in either in quieting my mind, if it has not already or many more. *secrets :)
Time comes for the face-to-face communication. Many a times it has been a silent and ever-fulfilling one. Silence communicates better, learned it here, with Him in front of me... How can i forget! Gratitude and love fills up the heart, tears of joy and not-understanding-still-happy trickles down the cheeks and touches the dust which He has walked on... What more do I need?
More to come....


Sharika said...

I am still unable to understand how people write about Guruji.. you have done full full justice ma.. very poetic actually.. at times i am surprised that u write so well :)
lots of love and tons of gratitude

looking within said...

Aha Aha Aha, can't wait,, can't REALLY wait:-D
During last GP, HE called my name, this time what will happen!!:-D

You have been given a beautiful life in this planet kid..

shrikanth KK said...

wonderfully Written..aa koritharikyunna feeling and all..It was almost like getting a darshan myself..Beautifully Awesome:).

Ideas... said...

Just felt like I met Guruji wonderful! Well written..