Friday, November 5, 2010

Masterchef TYS!!!

Masters already, they ventured into the realm of cooking and surprised us once again. A 'Salad-Making' Competition for Grade 4th 'A' was organized. Enthusiasm is contagious. We thought of 'Ifs and Buts' and they thought 'Other Wise'. The whole class was divided into 4 groups on the basis of their houses- Jasper, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire. Then they went on whole swing.

Within seconds the tables and chairs were pushed to the side- Tables arranged in the 4 corners of the classroom- A leader emerges from the group- Ideas are transmitted- GD begins-  MBA candidates can never hold their head up high, if they were to hear the discussion that took place, That too in the absence of the moderator. The pros and cons were discussed and basically everybody was kept happy- Work delegated and they started the actual preparation.
Two of them were arranging the paraphernalia of cooking (Utensils, cutting board, knife, spoons, plates, salt, ketchup, bread, mayonnaise etc etc ), while the others run to clean the vegetables brought. Once again GD begins, without prior notice. The teacher is not very happy with this discussion. The smart kids notice and they reduce the hullabaloo factor and put across their ideas through their work. Conversations range from the current program on air, Masterchef India (how Akshaye can improve, what dishes need to be prepared in the show, how to increase TRPs etc!!!) Akshaye please do listen ; Stunts while chopping; Gossiping about their mom and their laws in the kitchen; how is their expertise in this field different from others; and what not. Ekta Kapoor you are gone :) Dialogue Masters are here...

The dishes just arrive... They are ready with names, nutrition value and the uniqueness of their dish.And yes they were yummy. Prepared and mixed with lots of love, effort and innocence and garnished with cutie-pie smiles... Not only stomach but even the hearts were filled.

The things which were small, but can go long way in my life were noticed. Though it was a competition, the entire class was united in the spirit. Helping came naturally to them. Ideas were passed on. The group was held together with a inchie-winch of compromise and adjustment as well as 'art of listening'. Comparison of work was never there. They went on to help the other group.

 Towards the end what mattered to them was the 'Smile' on the faces of the teachers whom, they adored to the core...

What more is needed ? I was so full !!!


Anonymous said...

nice post, very refreshing to read! :-) loved your usage of words to describe their enthu, was feeling like seeing it live!
Din't know what you did till now, now I know what you 'did'! :-)

looking within said...

cute kids, the teacher is learning cooking from the lil ones, Good Good Good:-D