Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blah... Blah... Bliss... Bliss

This is going to be one of my Favourite posts. All of mine are mine... yet this one is going to Be One :). Last week was tremendously loaded with emotional extremes. Do not want to go into the details as it is pure gossip :P Blah Blah... Was feeling blah all together and found out that was spreading Blahness around :) This is not fair nah.. So decided to willingly go through it, not before my mind conflicting on the Very Presence of Blahness... How can I feel Blah????
First and foremost reason being, am an Art of Living teacher. But then this awareness would not have dawned if I was not in Kriya World too. Second reason is ,I am getting, married, so am supposed to be all excited. Says who???!!!! Third, Its not the right time... Blah ness ... Blahness... OMG! It was so sandy..
Then yesterday night after really long started dancing :)

At a tender age itself I was trained in classical dance, and then within a span of 3 years laziness overtook and that stopped it. The first major decision I took in my life and the result is, REGRET! :) Coming back to the topic:  I began dancing at around 11 and could feel myself fuming with anger at the same time. Continued the 'process' for sometime. As the songs changed, so did the emotions, feelings and thoughts. The war inside began to calm. It was such a revelation.
Then I sat and meditated. It was ocean-calm. Blahness and Bliss are both within us, a matter of shift. Instrumental for this is awareness and a technique :)


suman said...

Blahness and Bliss are both within us, a matter of shift. - Opposite values are inevitable. What say? :)

looking within said...

At this moment, when you accept yourself, you become innocent and a field of all possibilities, be it for dance, music, arts and what not... At any cost don't let mind suffer. It's your best friend.
All wishes for marriage., this is the moment and is the right moment also,, the moment waiting for you to enjoy it:-D. Rejoice without conflict:-D

ViNi said...

@Suman: True :)
@Vinu eta: Thank you... and Yes :)

Anonymous said...

nice....:) So dance is the answer ;) JGD

Sachin said...

ohhhhhh you blawed in the Blog also...any way nice tip. For me ...BAWA told me to go to gymmmm..:)

ViNi said...

@sachin: ???? xplain..

Sharika said...

you found your passion!!!! it is... not as much as me.. and I know exactly how it feels to dance your feeling out. its fun to dance to express joy too and with no music.. music is within you. your soul sings!.. am happy for you!!!:D