Monday, May 23, 2011

What is Cooking???

How I combat my boredom? This is not a mystery anymore :) The mornings go so busy busy, that I feel Ratheesh has more time than me :P This is the time for myself and my connection with the outer world (Read: Internet) and also the Inner World (Read: Sadhna). Once both the above is done, I start cooking. I never liked cooking. I was a 'Tea' and "Maggi' Girl. That experience stopped me from cooking, at home. I still remember in my 5th Std, when Amma taught me to prepare tea and prepared it for my Hero,'Acha'. He loved it... and since then it was my responsibility to do it everyday. After few days, I felt I can take up better responsibilities :P and chucked this job off by experimenting easier ways to prepare something as simple as 'TEA'. I did :) and I loved. But we still liked Amma's Tea :) better.

I hated cooking. My dad has always said, never use such strong words. (Viji: wink...wink) Instead of the term hate, we can term it as 'I don't like'. Well said! But I hated cooking. Amma 1 was always there at home, and when she was not available, Acha entered the portals of kitchen and I loved it. After marriage, Amma 2 was always there preparing yummy stuffs for us kids :) so I never got the chance to do anything or may I say, I did not want to. I only prepared 'Biriyani'. That was a Holy Ritual for me, which Shilpa akka had taught me and I am her Best Student too.

I had prepared my would-be, very well, about my cooking. Viji was the one who used to bear direct consequences of MY cooking. If she likes, then I do not even care about Tarla Dalal lady or The Sanjeev Kapoor's opinions. I used to serve her in time, and give her a tip, mostly like, 'The potatoes could have been cooked more.' She would nod, like a stiff examiner and give a big Sigh..!!!

 I would look at her with this pleading eyes and she would say, Its okey :) That was like getting selected for a  MD merit seat, without even having to apply :):):) Bingo...!!!! She would repeat this stuff directly to her Jiju and both would have a laugh.

Ratheesh was not that expectations kind of guy, so he thought I was reaaallly bad. How rude !!!! So when I prepared Rasam on the day I arrived he was, excited and really loved it. Then I too began enjoying my experiments and love each and every moment of it. From a 'chore', it has become a 'hobby' for me, and people have started relishing it too. 

Now that is a Feather in my Cap :) and as I end it, I say thanks to Amma 1, Amma 2, Shilpa Akka, Achan, Ratheesh, Viji and of course all the food sites in the Google.. I bow down in front of you...


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looking within said...

Put on some music you love while cooking, then it will be even more tastier. For some exotic dishes, ask Kshama didi (Deepika Desai), she has taught us some cooking as well, when she came to Purdue for teaching one course (4yrs back:-).