Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Forward

I got it as a Forward and thought, would be great to share it with the world :)

I know this person, who is humane and has these qualities which enlivens Divinity. There were days when, things did not make sense to me, when emotions roared around, when thoughts refused to still, when memories waved through and through. You took the decision, as you sensed the Me, who took a step back from the same. You were a call away, a look away and then I realized you were never away. Now when I look back, I know I have lived life every second. But I am elated, to have had your company since over a year. Every ritual and tradition is etched in my heart. The heavens decided, the society agreed and we loved to, WALK THE LIFE together. No matter what we have to enjoy or suffer, cry on or laugh ever, lose anger or show compassion, I am with you, to share and encompass in the divinity that shines within you.

The day I saw tears trickle down your eyes, one after the other, something in me moved. Every trickle showed how much you cared and shared and would love to for ever. There are days when I thought you are not Human, but God. When I saw these tears, I realized God too can cry. My dearest, I am in love with you, all over again. This is the relationship which is as strong as the bond of Birth-Death :) I cannot help but smile at the person who chose me, to be with him, forever.


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