Monday, April 6, 2009

Last few drops of rain....

I never knew there were many people reading my blog other than me . Actually the comments which I get are actually overwhelming. So here are few snippets regarding my life in Mysore. Mysore is a chapter in life that I will turn to for reference. It was for the first time I was staying away from the family and taking responsibility for myself. But then Art of living had done its polishing work. Studies happened that’s it.

Psychology was just a bahana(reason). Yesterday while chatting with my friend I realized psychology was not the reason for me to come to Mysore. He had other plans. I still remember Chayanna (Swami Suryapada) telling my mother, after I bugged him into answering whether I will get a seat in Mysore and he says to my mother, “Your daughter will be more closer to her Master (Guru) now.” That’s so true. Sadhna, Seva and Satsang are no mere words now. A sense of direction is important for any youth now and I am proud my near & dear ones are in Art of living.

What will I miss in Mysore?
University, not the whole one, but the walking which we do most of the days. The Paying Guest life we had. We never felt we were away from home. Anu and Sri are my roomies as well as classmates. Now tho we have full fun! Thanks to all doing YES!+. The only regret Sri and we had at the end was, why we did not organize it before. Yes plus teacher Sandeep bhaiya…. Oh my God we all will miss You Bhaiya. But then AOL connections are for lifetimes.

Sonu akka and Ashwini, two gems in PG. One is the store house. Anything you want any time she’ll have it there in her room. Ashu is so innocent and childlike. We both together are known as Narad Munis(+ve manner). Btw this is her laptop.

We have visited all nook and corners of Mysore. Thanks to YES PLUS.

Now feeling bored. Went with Rishab (another volunteer, working (by mistake) in Infosys) to one college to arrange for intro talk. And had great time with Guru Stories. Now I realize how I used to waste time before AOL gossiping and complaining and the kicker-bike. If Rishabh reads it then he can’t stop laughing.

At the end of the day I can say we are Blessed to have The guru in our life.


ash said...

Hi Vini,
Great reading. u supposed to be a jounalist... Fully impressed by ur writing:)

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