Monday, May 18, 2009


My life can actually be divided into ‘Before ART OF LIVING and After ART OF LIVING’. I cannot even imagine keeping aside Art of Living. It has become my very nature.

My return to Art of Living:

I had done my Basic Course in 2004.I felt light after my first Sudharshan Kriya and thoroughly enjoyed that week. Infact after my grandfather’s death without my realisation I had become moody .I came out of it and started smiling from my heart only after my Basic Course. But I was not regular with Kriya and was not into Art of Living as such. My friend Sharika kept calling me for Satsang and Follow- ups but I was least bit interested in all that. Then One day Puravi Didi, Youth Empowerment Seminar (YES) teacher came to our college for giving Intro Talk. She just told me when we were speaking to come to AOL Centre that day for Satsang. I opened my mouth to say “ No!” But I was surprised when I heard myself saying YES!!!!!!!!

That week I did my YES Course and became regular with Kriya.
I can say that was my return to Art Of Living. I realised that it’s the Master who selects the Devotee rather then a devotee selecting his Master. I feel so special that He pulled me back when I strayed away from the Path.

Meeting the Divine:

My III Internals of my First year BA was going on. But I had not done well in my first internals; It was decided to meet Gurudev on 14 Feb, which would fall on Sunday. I gave my name anyways. I began serious studies about 2 weeks before because on 15 February I had Psychology paper. I left for Bangalore on 13th evening surrendering everything to Him. We attended Satsang with Guruji. I was meeting Gurudev on Valentine’s Day…. He surely had many Valentines…But it was very sunny and I had splitting headache by late evening.Infact I was worried whether I will be able to sleep in the bus else I would not be able to answer my exam. Then Guruji walked to the amphitheatre where He promised to meet us .He came, He saw and He conquered all our Hearts. After He left I realised that even my headache left with Him. Next day I wrote my exam and finished it off well 1hr before the time limit for the first time in my life. I was actually drowsing off in the hall so I left the hall early. When results were given I had got 98/100. I was not that shocked, though I did not expect so much .I know that I was actually sleeping while writing the answers …still so much marks!!!!!!!!!! I think we all know what must have happened.

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