Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Celebration Time...

Just celebrated our parent’s birthdays on 25th May. Yeah no they both wre not born on the same day, but same month. Dad’s Birthday is on May 16 whereas mother’s is on 25 May. But we could not celebrate on 16th as it was Viji (my sis) semester exams and I was at Mysore. So delayed the celebration. It is fun when family is together to celebrate. In Art of Living life is a celebration. Same with my Dad who has nearly 4 Birthdays to his credit, thanks to admission-confusion during his childhood days and we celebrate the day which is convenient and appropriate that is 16 May. Mother is of opposite nature. She does not like celebrating or partying for her reasons. That explains the reason for her not remembering her own birthday. That’s why we say OPPOSITE VALUES ARE COMPLIMENTARY.

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