Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Twins Made in Heaven???


A person in my life whom if I don’t introduce you will be confused as I will keep mentioning her name in most of my posts which invariably means she is an important Page in my Book called Life. If at all I have what I have Today, its because of HER and Her Prayers and Her nature.

Sharika and we look-alike????You tell me… That’s what the whole world says and we both and our mother’s used to laugh as we never felt so. But when Guruji too said Yes in Kumta then we are like, Chalo! we are Twin Sisters!! Just imagine I am in the Ashram and people come to me and just start speaking. My mind goes on a memory-tour trying to find out “Who is this person, where did I meet them etc and then they, seeing my confused and sheepish smile, “SHARIKA! You did not recognize me?” and I am like, “Hello!”

Even TV Actor Manoj Bohra (Dhruv of Sharart Fame) was confused. We were doing our Advance Course at Ashram and we were in silence and Manoj had come to celebrate his birthday. Sharika goes to meet him, in Silence :) while I was busy getting a glimpse of Guruji. Next day for breakfast he comes up to me and wishes me “Jai Guru Dev” and I am again all confused and search for Sharika.

We both have other similarities. Like something going wrong with her esp. with regard to health, then even I too will have. We both feel crap and land up in Ashram to meet Guruji. Ah! And we have this fun with Knowledge and meeting Gems of AOL. But at most time she is crazy and crazier, the creative side and the enthusiasm amongst us both, begins with her. Crazy describes her less, but lives knowledge and epitome of genuineness. VERY LAZY AND PUNCTUALITY has not gone near her. We actually tell her the timings one hour prior, so that she is there on the dot. But that too does not work sometimes :( But when she is down she knows how to handle herself well. There were times when she or I were feeling so low, but just hearing each other’s voice made us feel so better. She would call up late night from Hyd and cry for sometime and say I am fine now and keep the phone. This is our relation, where we both are ourselves and silence speaks. We have no issues, no rules, where we are open and close to ideas, think of crazy things yet stay grounded!!

Current Issues: Masters in English Literature at Hyderabad.

Time-Pass: Sleeping, Dancing, writing, reading, lazing around, traveling etc etc

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