Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"For Whom It Rings?"

It was one of the milestones which our friend’s group achieved. What was it? We went on to make a movie and it was titled “For Whom It Rings?” The specialty of this movie was behind the scenes, more than the movie itself. We all equally put in our 100% and if some of the directors and producers had seen us working and making use of all possible resources economically I would not have been able to type this due to time-constraints :).

It all began in our very own Journalism department, where our HOD, Fr Richard Rego announced the Shooting Stars, a short-movie festival for the students. I was writing something in the class, but I heard a click sound and realised that it was the click in Ani madam’s head. Here we go! She thought of this excessive cell phone usage and its harmful effects, camera-persons all ready, script writing and all in progress, got the hero, his friends as his friends and now we were searching for the Heroine. Auditions done under the Kattes, over the phone, in the canteen, IT block, outside journalism lab.But you see the date problems. We got the camera for ourselves with great difficulty so shooting had to be done. Yeah! I was the Bakra ultimately. The first scene shooting was my favorite. I made the hero (Govind Padmasoorya aka Surya) run down the IT block stairs for nearly 8 times because every time he would come and sit next to his girlfriend i.e the actress, unfortunately me L, I would burst out laughing though I was supposed to look irritated. Hi Hi. Even the last scene where he is supposed to fall unconscious before that he shows attitude by throwing tantrums and I just look at him as though he has gone crazy. His acting skills actually improved because of me, for sure.

In between we get opportunity to shoot at Fr Mullers Hospital for a hospital scene (guess who had contacts here? Yes! Mr Tutu, refer my prev. post). With the tripod, script in hand, video camera, another camera, fumbling and shoving this side that side crowd’s appeared enquiring who is the actor, which film, when will it release. Trust me1 when you have this deadline on your head and lack of crew members with feeble knowledge of the script, this crowd is the last thing you want to face. All going well, then something is not fine. The tripod which we were using was the departments and there is a rubber sheet on the top on which the camcorder rests. That goes missing along with the screw…(screw we get from some shop). The rubber sheet is not available anywhere and mindblowing prices seem to be cropping up, for a silly sheet. We expect Father Richie to shout at us, but he does not. He confiscates Joe’s and Tutu’s Identity card.:)

All said and done Father asks us to submit the script which has to go to the jury. Yeah! We shot the movie without a written script. It was on-the-spot inventions many a times.So that day night Ani sits and watches the entire movie and writes the script ;). All this was too much for me to handle. Hi Hi so I leave all of sudden for one day to Kamalashile Advance Course, last day to meet Chayanna. Actress tantrums not new you seeJ. That day was the dubbing, so our dependable Anu becomes my voice. I found it so funny while watching, but the stares given by Surya made me shut-up.

On the D-day there was so much of clashes and difference of opinions in the Journalism department etc so we had no expectations of our movie being screened also. BUT WE SAY HARDWORK DOES NOT GO UNNOTICED.. We won the first prize for the movie. The first winners of Shooting Stars which has gone to the national levels now. Today when we all look back we are surprised not on being winners but the wave we swam through the obstacles. There are so many moments inscribed on our hearts. Our smiles, small small fights, making it up, going hungry for hours, late night outs, plunging on our lunch at 4 in the evening, tears, words of encouragement… above all the spirit of our friendship and sportsmanship. Missing you all guys….Please note all the gang members, infact Maykha makes a guest appearance, Soorya, Shequir, Arun, Harsha, Sandhya, Jackson and many more people were with us for this adventure.

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