Sunday, May 24, 2009

What ever you resist it persists.

Well said! I ask you not to think of an Ice-cream! There you go. You thought of an ice-cream that too with a cherry on the top! :) You very well know I am not a mind-reader. It’s just that our mind has become the Leader. We run away from situations and we forget, it becomes our shadows. It’s generally advised not to run when there is a dog round the corner as we have no idea how long we’ll have to run. Similarly standing and facing the situation or person is an ideal way. Yeah! It might be a misery at first, but we can assure ourselves that it will pass soon.
We want to forget a bad situation or a not-so-good person and there it goes. Mind is clogged with only those things. I have always observed that happy moments are not clogging or dominating our thoughts mainly because we do not resist them. Hence they pass as clouds.
Practice and awareness can be used as umbrellas to control and drive our mind….

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