Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bawa and Cooking!!!!

Bawa and us ready to Have Dinner

Am pretty bad or rather lazy in kitchen and cooking! I actually thought let Bau put up all the recipes in the blog, and will copy it down one day. ;) The day we went to city we came back at around 9:30 PM with Bau. Along with us there were volunteers from YES!+ Delhi. So we rush towards Vishwamitra and Bau takes over his kitchen. We all start the chopping, washing, cleaning etc. I remember when Bau asked us what is there in the refrigerator we naming 2-3 vegetables. But then when we start there are only vegetables around. We cook Thai delicacy and Mock-meat curry. It was mind-blowing as expected :). He kept enlightening us on various cooking tips, food items good for us, what to avoid etc. Cooking has become special for me after that day.
This cooking thingy apart, just think of his unconditional love. He thought we all are starving and going to canteen and main kitchen would not work out, hence he puts on the cooking cap and starts cooking. We all know Bau yet he seems to surprise us every moment. This visit Home was special too.

Met Guruji the day we landed, but He left as soon as He saw that we three have reached safe. I always pray that I should not be in Ashram when after Guruji leaves. Its this terrible heavy feeling in the heart. So this time I was bit sad when he left. But after the morning Sahaj session, I knew Bau & Dinesh da would take away bit of that feeling. Guess what! Guruji came few minutes before we left; he tapped us with Roses and blessed us. Then we left ashram. So Guruji saw to it that he is there before we Go Back. Ooops Guruji told, it is not going back, BUT MOVING FORWARD.

Now down with fever, cold and its other relatives. But I always get it when out of Ashram, so am so happy about negativity warding off….

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