Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sahaj Samdhi Meditation

Sahaj is another beautiful experience a person can have in their spiritual journey. I can’t even call it a course. Just experienced one in the Ashram three days before, hence heart filled with gratitude, this is what I pen down.

Sahaj Samadhi Meditation is a process which will help us in meditating easily with a mantra, which is given to the person by His/Her Guru, just like how it is practiced during earlier gurukul days. These moments are inscribed in our minds so beautifully. This is the moment when Head bows down to the heart.

Bawa and Dinesh Da were taking their first Sahaj at Vishwamitra (This is where Bau & Dinesh Bhaiya stays at Ashram.) There were 5 chosen ones for the entire session and it started with Guru Puja, my favorite. Oh my God! It was so wonderful that I lost track of time and did not want to leave the room. We kept waiting for 10:00 AM all the days to be with them. Bau is one person who tells, ask any question and be assured you will get one answer.

One day we went to the city for a Chit-Chat session with Bau & Dinesh Da. It was so cool. We were laughing. Some of the snippets are here…

Q: What do you have to say to people who say spirituality is an escape from reality?

Bau: Yes! Spirituality is an ESCAPE, but an escape to reality. What is truth or reality? Truth is something which does not change. Spirituality is an escape towards this truth. With spirituality we can even handle the Changing world.

Randomly writing what he told:

In material world:

We will always get what we want.

But we don’t like what we get.

But in spiritual world:

We do not get what we want,

But we are so grateful and happy for what we get.

Art of living does not guarantee anything. But on the basis of facts and experience of millions of people from world-over, the probabilities of positive changes we expect out of the courses are really high. It does not guarantee that we will not be sad, angry, jealous etc etc. But the time-duration of these things will be short. We would not be sitting there and grumbling ;). For instance a big stone falls on an enlightened person’s leg, he will scream in pain. But instead of sitting and grumbling on a stone hitting him, he will be thankful that it did not fall on his head.

With AOL with us we can do what we want to do rather than only doing what we ought to do. No fun in listing out things that we need to do and complain that we want to do but no time.

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