Thursday, July 16, 2009

Auto RICK Havoc

Its raining cats and dogs out here. But happy that I am indoors. Yeah as soon as I came back from Mysore, we left to Calicut. Dad had some official work and thought of making it a personal visit to meet our cousins. Its where Savitri Chitta (Aunty) and Chittappan (uncle) stays with our cousins Nikhil and Neethu. The travel was awesome as it was in train. But woke up in the wee hours so took the upper berth, did my Kriya and slept.
The auto rickshaw raggers!!!! I always get it from auto uncles. They demand more, take us for a ride without our knowledge and bargain and threaten a strike. And I get all worked up. What not…
In Mangalore, they are too demanding. They refuse to go places as though using their Ricks would dirty them. And often repeated reason for not going or double charge is, autos will have to come alone. Once my dad even told them, don’t worry I will come back with you and drop you back. ;).
In Bangalore don’t ask they ask you so much money that you will have to tell them, I don’t want to buy your auto, which would actually turn out cheaper.
In Mysore, they are smart but ignorant. You are new, then be prepared to be taken on Mysore Tour and pay them the airfare. And mind you! All the autos have this ‘Unity is Strength’ Spirit. The best part is, they will not even know the place but are always ready to help. So we girls start with 20 rupees direct even though we know it is of 45 rupees.

But in Kerala Auto problem is to its minimum. Seriously, there is this share auto, where in if there is only one occupant the any other person to join in and share the fare. At the same time if it’s on return, less money taken. I love it when in my native. Even in Calicut it’s the same. But not in Trivandrum though. Metro effect you see.

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