Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Psychological Thinkings....

Questions Psychology students are shot at with….

Here are some questions and sentences which nearly all psychology students had to face or are facing it. But mind you, this will go on forever.

  1. You study psychology? Oh my God! You can read my mind, I am sure. Can you read mine please?
  2. You can predict my future right!
  3. Psychology means you roam around and treat mental patients.
  4. I always wanted to take up psychology in my degree, but somehow…. Blah… Blah..
  5. Psychology is an interesting subject. I went through some books. They are so well-written and great.
  6. What job will you get as psychologists, other than being with mentally-challenged people?
  7. What is going on in my mind now?
  8. When did you exactly know that you need to be taking up psychology?
  9. So now since you finished psychology Masters you are a doctor now.
  10. You know everything in my mind now. This was told to me after one week of class in psychology.

You can add more. These things were played in random and repeated manner. Woah…..

1 comment:

Rishabh said...

Ture...I m amongst the "So now since you finished psychology Masters you are a doctor now" ones...