Saturday, July 4, 2009

Took a loooooong break!!

It’s been ages since I scratched the grey matter. I was bit busy with my semester exams. But I notice that it’s during this time I become creative and articles flow :) Cool about my working. Tomorrow I am leaving for my Practical exams. End of my Masters! Now time to be in Person with My Master. I got the call for my TTC (Teachers Training Course). I am so happy. Being His instrument is so Divine. We volunteers in Art of Living have this opportunity of being His instrument in most unique manners. Now want to be there as a part of His Teacher’s Clan. Chosen ones.
Then what else do I have to update on….
 Yeah reaching the end of Ashtavakra Gita listening. At this point I would like to thank Rao Uncle for being there as always and lending me his precious possession of Cds. He was so happy and always wanted me to apply for my TTC. People in AOL will know how Blessed it is to even apply for one’s TTC.
 Ashtavakra Gita Yagna was held at my favorite location of Kamalashile temple, in Kundapur district. With whom?? With none other than Swami Sooryapadji whom we dearly call Chayanna. Even one word he utters is knowledge, so being with him for a week an imbibing Astavakra Gita is beyond expression. Me and my master’s degree.
 Gave a talk in Manipal concerning YES! +. I loved the travel as well as the delivering of the talk. Now there is a YES!+ course happening there. Ashok Prasadji is taking it. Manipal is beautiful place but the roads are too bad. Thanks to rains, it’s even worse.
 Mangalore is soaked in rains. It’s been pouring since a week. Thanks you Rain Gods…

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