Friday, August 28, 2009

My life takes a Beautiful turn...

Have been procrastinating writing on the blog since many days. Why? Yes this question has been pondering my brain. Now I have a lot to share. I have been here in Mysore since about 3 days, assisting my first YES!+ Course here with Ram Bhaiya. Wow! Amazing ! More of a realization of how my mind works. Swa-adhyay(Introspection) is taking place now. Being His instrument is not a simple or light thing. It’s a huge responsibility at the same time an Honour which nothing in this world matchs.
The journey to Mysore was awesome. This time while coming I was responsible for myself. The bus broke down in between at around 3:00 AM in Madikeri. It takes more than three hours to reach Mysore. The session begins at 5:00 AM. And I am here stuck in the corner most seat in another bus. But this time there was no complaining. I could see a growing Vini within. It happened… So what! Reached the session inevitably late. Took up the Sudharshan Kriya and that was the icing in the Eggless -Cake 

There is so much of knowledge in this world, happening around us. But more sensitive we are, we become more strong. Yes !!! That is my gyan for now… Enjoy!


nands said...

"There is so much of knowledge in this world, happening around us."
There is a nice line in a song from 'wake up sid', "sun sako agar tho suno."

hajamanharate said...

I always wonder how true the kannada quote "Shankadindha bandrene theertha". We learn all these things since we are kid from our ancestors but we tend to ignore it. But when the same thing is told by Mr Ravishankar we listen to it like we were told these things never before :-)



Vini V said...

Yes santhosh ji,
Thanks to sri sri many people are following these things and world is becoming a better place to live in :)
Its always nice to appreciate good things just like how u doing right now.

thank you