Friday, August 28, 2009

I cooked...Thats a news ...

Till today no one actually dared to (I mean it) call me and ask me to cook for him/her. As soon as he called, I knew my culinary skills are put to test. Called up my Cooking Tutor, Ms Shilpa, a YES and Art Excel teacher from Mangalore. She told me, but was slightly confused. Amma too explained to me, but got free amma-sessions telling “See I always told you to learn cooking.” Yeah Amma !!!
I started off, but had to experiment and invent my own Khichdi. And prayed. But sincerely I wanted it to be one great meal for him. It became one fulfilling process. I love cooking. Now will learn some nuances of it too. About my khichdi and salad, ask Ram Bhaiya  He survived it and praised me too… And my heart and stomach filled.

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