Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chennai!!! Njan Varuvae

(Shreya hugged by Unnimaya)

Had been to Chennai for Krithi Didi’s sister Priyanka’s wedding. It was so nice. There were nice rituals and traditions which came alive. Some funny, some emotional, some nice. It was an amalgamation of Tamil Brahmin and Kannada Brahmin cultures. There were lots of colors and happenings around, a get-together of family and friends lit up the festive hearts of all there. Was visiting Chennai after 20 yrs. Yeah went there when I was really small. I did not like the weather at all. It was yuck! But it did not seem I was visiting the place for the first time.

Chennai, I feel, is a mixture of Bangalore areas and people, Mysore buildings and Mangalore touch and a metro-feel. I thought I saw all these places in one go. Being in this family, I am gifted with so many relatives and kid-cousins. So here I visited my cousin, whose daughter Shreya is so coochie-coochie. She is so fluent in Tamil more than Malayalam. It’s so nice, the way she eats cream-biscuits by licking the cream, 100%, and literally throwing the biscuit. She laughs when she hears the duck-toy says Quack-Quack.

If anything is missing from the place Satish Chetan (Shreya’s dad) asks his dear daughter where this thing is, and she promptly directs them to it. Woah when she calls my name its music to my ears!!

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nands said...

Ya, need to learn from them to be 100%.