Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bitter Truths and My Silence

While returning back from Chennai in Train, we were traveling in AC compartment. As we all know, we are given the bed sheets, blankets and pillows as well as a towel in the train. Its nice to observe the things happening around. I had taken up the upper birth and slept off reading my book. Woke up in a jolt when train stopped in a station. I saw this guy come like a thief and take away the bed-sheets which was kept for the lower-occupants who were yet to get into the train. Hmmmm. In the morning the old uncle sitting and sipping the tea told me that he did not have a bed sheet. I felt bad. Here was this old man who needed bed sheet which was rightly his. Mistake was in my part also i.e. My Silence in the night. I realize.

My father was speaking to the boys in the train who were hurriedly folding all the bed sheets and keeping it in the order. Father jokingly asked if these things go missing. With a tinge of pain and mockery this guy replies,” yes sir, not even the towels are spared. That is why we fold it so fast so that they don’t carry it away.” And the bitter truth is, if something goes missing, these boys’ salaries are deducted. With lots of irony he says, “Traveling in AC Compartment why do they have to act so cheap. And we can’t even check their baggages, as they feel offended.”
I could not help but awe the Mind of ours.

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