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Art of Living on Air !!!

The Art Of Living Bureau of Communications is happy to announce the launch of Season 2 of Yuva Bharat Special Episodes with The Art of Living on ETV Channels. These special episodes are in the form of a 20 part series to be aired on 11 channels of ETV Network every saturday, starting coming Saturday, i.e. 12.9.2009 as per following telecast schedule

Telecast Timings on Saturdays:

ETV- Bangla 09.30a.m

ETV-M.P: 10.30a.m

ETV-U.P. : 10.30a.m

ETV-Bihar : 10.30a.m

ETV-Rajasthan: 09.30a.m

ETV-2 (Telugu): 11.30p.m

ETV-Oriya: 10.30a.m

ETV-Gujarati: 10.30a.m

ETV-Marathi: 09.30a.m

ETV-Urdu: 10.30a.m

ETV-Kannada: 11:30p.m

So on the above mentioned timings the special episodes will be aired for 20 weeks as per following episodic details:

Episode-1 (telecast date 12-09-09)
Guruji on imp. of humanism and compassion
Byte of Student Niharika Kakdesharing her experience in Art Of Living.
Nadisodhan-by Dinesh Kashikar
Profile feature on Bawa & Dinesh

Episode– 2 (telecast date 19-09-09)
Guruji on Yes +
Experience of art of living Students(Kanisk, Abhilasha, Mohit Lalwani)
Youth Programs of AOL
Dinesh Ghodke on life is short but eternal

Episode– 3 (telecast date 26-09-09)
Bawa & Dinesh on Love

Episode– 4 (telecast date 03-10-09)
Guruji on youth culture & values (2.56 mm.)
Sanjay Mazumdar – Gausala story (6:45 mins)
Bawa & Dinesh on healthy Food & Environment

Episode– 5 (telecast date 10-10-09)
Guruji on success
Bawa & Dinesh on success

Episode–6 (telecast date 17-10-09)
Guruji on youth leadership & youth participation
Radhika Chandle and her experience in Art of Living.
Vikram Hazra on youth empowerment (11.26 mins)

Episode– 07 (telecast date 24-10-09)
Guruji on importance of guide
Prajakti Desmukh – Her experiences with the Art of Living
Bawa & Dinesh on Guruji's Knowledge Sheets.

Episode–8 (telecast date 31-10-09)
Living in harmony -Bawa & Dinesh on Life style

Episode–09 (telecast date 07-11-09)
Guruji on individual's quest for spirituality
Students bytes (Twinkle Sethi & Shravanth)
Vikram Hazra (The promise of spirituality)
Shalini Singh byte (How art of living brings the positive change in you)
Bawa & Dinesh on Anger

Episode– 10 (telecast date 14-11-09)
Handling Failures.
Guruji on Success & Failure
Bawa & Dinesh on handling failures
Jitendra Bansiwal (law student, Jabalpur) –Anxiety problems

Episode– 11 (telecast date 21-11-09)
Guruji on youth culture & values
Bawa & Dinesh on Life Sutras

Episode– 12 (telecast date 28-11-09)
Guruji on healthy Food Habits & Spiritual Practices
Bawa & Dinesh on Controlling Anger
Feature on Kusum Mussadi - Her experiences with the Art of Living

Episode– 13 (telecast date 05-12-09)

Understanding Traditions-I
Guruji on Indian heritage & culture
Bawa & Dinesh on Indian culture & rituals

Episode– 14 (telecast date 12-12-09)
Bytes of students(Ratul Arora, Harshit, Pranab)
Dinesh Kashiker demonstration of relaxation techniques
Bytes of (Justin & Jack Johansson)

Episode– 15 (telecast date 19-12-09)
Understanding Traditions-II
Guruji on youth, Indian heritage & culture
Bawa & Dinesh on Ancient Scriptures
Bawa & Dinesh on nature of Guru
Bawa & Dinesh on sadhana, seva & satsang

Episode– 16 (telecast date 26-12-09)
Guruji "nurture our roots & broaden our vision" (2.46 mm.)
Bawa & Dinesh on commitment
Bawa & Dinesh on (aim & fantasy)/(creativity)
Experience in Art of Living -Sunithi Damani — the professional billiards player

Episode– 17 (telecast date 02-1-10)
Bawa & Dinesh on Astrology & Vaastu Sastra
Bawa & Dinesh on Astrology & Vaastu Sastra
Profile of Saurav Ghosh, Table Tennis champion, His experiences in the Art of Living

Episode– 18 (telecast date 09-1-10)
Guruji on dreams & practical wisdom
Bawa & Dinesh on Reality/Fantasy/ Dream/Goal
Shridhar Mahuli byte (Benefited from Art of Living )
Vikram Hazra on Satsang
Dinesh Kashiker – on relaxation techniques

Episode– 19 (telecast date 16-1-10)
Guruji on Tabacco & prevention
Vikram Hazra on culture of meditation
Vikram Hazra on civic sense/citizenship
Dinesh Kashikar on 'Bhaastrika' & 'Nadisodhan'

The above mentioned plan is subject to change as and when, as per some special telecast requirements. For further information about the programme "Yuva Bharat", you can log on to the ETV website

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