Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Onam!

Thiruvonam! After a span of two years was back at home celebrating Onam. Felt all the very good. Was at Bangalore for Teachers Refresher Meet Seva. Had loads of fun with responsibility. I mean yes it’s true. When we take up responsibility in the very first go, you begin to experience fun in the process. I was always in this habit of saying No very first and then I would think about it. Whether it is of some use for me, what are its side-effects etc and lots of thinking and at the end sometimes ‘yes’ used to come in. But then this is of no use.

We need to be available to everyone. Serve and thus more will be given to you. This time had taken up lots of responsibility and was enjoying every moment of it and this was served for me. Let’s do it this one day. How can we be of HELP to other? This one step and spiritually know for sure : WE ARE MOVING AHEAD FOR SURE!!!


nands said...

Happy Onam to you too. :)


Happy ONAM...check out my blog at-
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viji said...

We did had lots of fun.....:) After all Family gettin together 4 onam after a very long time!!!!