Thursday, October 15, 2009

Walking on the Waves of Life

Happening and happening is my Life. Its nice that I am always occupied.Its said when you take up the responsibility for the world, world takes responsibility for  you. This happens always when I travel for YES!+ Courses. Last to last week was in Manipal, Taking up course for smart youths there. Wow!Amazing! I was learning every moment of my presence there. Ashok ji too was there with us. Like how Kullu says, He drenches one in knowledge. The volunteers gang headed by Kullu (Kulpreet) had done such wonderful work there. Now they have even more dynamic people with them, with this course.

Went on a train ride, did Banana Boating and Water-Biking, went crazy with sand-bathing and walked on the shores of time and waves. Evening in a beautiful Damodhar Temple, ended with Blosssom in Smile and sharing of experiences.

Now currently entered the Corporate world. At same time time rooted in spirituality. Yes! I am taking up YES!+ here in Mangalore right Now.This is fun, seeing blossoming happen right in front of your eyes, and world appears so grand and great. No words to express, heart is full, eyes are numb. Just Gratefulness to the Master on having Chosen Me.


nands said...

Good. :)
Happy Deepawali.

shrikanth KK said...

get occupied with dell discovering,windows vista surfing than facebook games....haha...sis told me...why fewer blogs now-a-days??