Sunday, October 4, 2009


Yesterday took up a follow-up in Manipal. Lucky to meet many pearls, literally chosen by Him. Its so nice to see the adults getting inspired and infused by the spirit in us YOUTHS. We have this unique combination of energy, age and time with us. We in YES!+ also have Guru with us, always we know we are taken care.

Guru is a TATVA, its a consciousness which we have and is one with the nature. I realised in last few days. This word “fear” got annihilated in the fire of “Big mind”. I don’t know what to express or how to express the bliss I am going through. Feel like; have just finished a blissful Advance course in the presence of Guruji. After Navrathri, and homas in the Ashrams around the world and within me (Yeah our body too is an Ashram...Realise it...) feeling like a diamond getting polished and strong. Spreading His knowledge is not the only aim, but being in Knowledge in the process is the ICING in the CAKE.

Just read an experience sharing which was held in Kollam (District in Kerala, India), was forwarded by Sharika. There are moments in life when you are in the awe and aura of gratitude, when words turn silly, and breath becomes prayer. This was one such moment when I just read that sharing. Life is taking turns, and I can’t stop Smiling .

Jai Guru Dev.

Have fun. Live every moment.

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