Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sharing & Caring: Secret of Relationship

Have been waiting under the sun, for my turn to practice the two-wheeler. At that moment I see him and her, coming towards the instructor. I was wondering why are they here? I mean here only people who want to learn riding come. The reason for my mental conflict was that the person, whom I referred to as Man, must be around 60 and she would be in her mid-50s. Now will fondly refer to them as aunty and uncle.
Aunty is the one who is getting herself coached; it was seen on her face. The anxiety, will I be able to, I am making fool of myself etc made up the expressions. But amidst this was this shining determination which was clearly evident, in spite of her knowing that all the people around is giving her literal stares. She sits and takes a deep breath in! Hmmmmm and lets out. Then she looks at her loving husband, who is a bit anxious but at the same time proud of the fact that his best half is there on the grounds, defying many stereotypes.
Her riding was fine, I mean for her age it was above average. She got the balance on the 2nd class itself, but was scared to put her leg up and continue. Yes! Natural fear of falling. She goes on, every time she passes her husband, both exchanging looks of ‘Is it alright?’ and ‘Yes! Dear you are doing excellent’.  Then she becomes all tired and ready to give up. He goes towards aunty and tells her, “You already know it, but getting scared only. Of what are you scared?” and comes back. Believe it or not, she rode the next round without stopping. When she came next round, there was this new found confidence in her.
We all know as well as don’t know, for sure what happened! Aunty and uncle changed something in me. Triggered that confidence, love and ultimately the nostalgic moments spent with my grandparents, ordinary moments were made extra-ordinary....

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Kullu said...

Vinne you are totally M.A.D ..... i.e. Making A Difference in everyone's life all the time :)