Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ming boggling blogging

Last week has been a bit tedious mentally. This was basically because I was not doing anything, but mind was working over time. The thought process is more draining than the work itself holds so true. There was this time when I had loads of work, but what I did was to watch TV or sleep. Then in some time guilt would raise its hood and mind being the ‘cunning culprit’ would shrewdly debate the entire issue and smartly procrastinate the entire session with the workload, for future reference. Here goes my precious time for toss.
But then all this happens, it passes. Life is a river, so let it flow. No moment is the same. Every day is the fresh time to repose in self and make a difference to the world. World within us as well as around us.
©       I cleared the riding test, miracle in a way.
©       A miracle experienced by Ashok Ji (Senior teacher in AOL)
©       Went for follow ups at Manipal and A B Shetty Dental College, Derlakatte.
©       Met Mangalore YES!+ gang.
©       Got myself spectacles for viewing this laptop of mine ;) My vision is perfect otherwise.

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nands said...

Congratulations for clearing the riding test! :)