Friday, December 4, 2009

Breaking Patterns!!

I had taken a break to be there at our Bangalore Ashram.Part II course was the reason. Part II course in a course,simply but profoundly put, where in we take an appointment to meet ourselves.  I have no clue how it happens, but it’s so beautiful to see one at the end of four days! You fall in love with yourself. I remember the reason for doing my second advance course was because of the glow I experienced and became, after the first one ;).

Guruji speaks of taking a vacation. Why do we take a vacation?

Yes! All the reasons seeking attention in your mind right now. It is to energize ourselves, to be with oneself and our loved ones, so that we can come back, all ready to conquer the world. But many a times we need a break after this break of ours!

Now last year was there for YES++,Winter Break! Youths from world over came to Bangalore, celebrated in silence, meditation, singing, dancing and welcoming the New Year. I had my semester exams 3 days later but who was tensed???!!!. Was surprised at this change in myself. Did the exam extremely well.

Art of Living always fascinates me, because of its ability to become a way of life. Neither is it devoid of knowledge or fun. A combination rare to see nowadays in the world i.e. fun+ Knowledge...But this happens naturally here.
These are random thoughts of mine, felt need to be shared.... We are here to share & care ... Huge but extremely sacred responsibility.



nands said...

Do you really think your new template is a good one!?

Vini V said...

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