Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Right side or Left???

Our left side is cooling and right side produces more energy in the body. Means? If you are lying down to your left side, what has happened? Your stomach is like this, right? So, in sleep, you get good sleep because the food will all stay there. If you turn to the right side, the food comes up to the esophagus. So it is best to sleep on left side down. When you sleep left side, your right nostril functions, then the metabolic rate in your body is 50% more. When the right nostril functions, the metabolism in the body is 50% more than the normal. Supposing the metabolic is, if it is 100 unit, it will be 150 unit when the right is functioning. So, reverse will happen when you sleep on this side, right side. What will happen? The left nostril will function. At that time, the metabolism in your body is 50% less. When it is 50% less, there is more calmness, there is more serenity. More completion is there. So when you get up, stress release, all activities are all over, you feel very complete and settled and serene. That's why after meditation, after Kriya, we lie down on our right side so that when we get up, our left is functioning. It soothes the whole system. Left side soothes, right side invigorates the system. So, always we do that.
Sri Sri


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