Friday, December 18, 2009

Sisters Ho tho Aise !!!

Memories of Mysore are coming back alive in the frames of life. During the II Year of our MSc we had blasts with all YES!+ teachers coming down. Gauri Di holds a special place. The first time she came down, we gave her a palatial house to stay, and a car driven by another YES!+ teacher i.e. our dear Sandeep Bhaiya, food in 5- Star hotels. Luxury sounds too small a word to describe my life then. The next time she came down, she had us three welcoming her. Anu went to pick her up in autorickshaw. She came down, and went to a so-so restaurant. We went on giving talks here and there, while evenings she used to take up courses. Yeah! She stayed in our PG J Woah.... Shri, Anu and me, always wanted to have Guru Puja in our room, and this happened for a week. Morning Sadhana with 4 of us doing it together, evening sharing her experiences with Guruji, Bawa & Dinesh Da etc etc would enrich us. One incident which I remember so coolly is how we started breaking PG curfew time of 9 PM to extend it by 2 hours.
One such evening Gauri Di and me decided not to have the huh huh...bad PG food!!!  So this decision was at 9:00 PM. What do we do now??? Decided to take another PG mates scooty and zoomed off to Mysore KD Road, to have a scoop of ice-cream. Gauri Di was so excited seeing the Ice-cream parlour that she forgot to put the stand and got down. Naturally Newton speaks of gravity, same thing happened here with scooty falling down. She looks at it and cross the road banging into a old-man. Oooofff!!!! Then we get our scoops and chat over it...  and zoom back. All girls night for sure!!!


nands said...

Great! :)

Preeti said...

He he he ..."forgot to put the stand" sounds like Real fun :)

Gauri said...

yes it was fun because it wass not my scooty anyways :) lol.....and the ice cream was too tempting to wait back and pick the scooty up.