Thursday, February 11, 2010

Long time, No see.

Have been lagging behind and not kept my promise of updating the blog rather regularly. A mast batch of YES!+ graduated in Manipal and Mangalore. I met Bawa and Dinesh Da recently in Goa. Cool na. Roller coaster ride for sure. This time Tanushri, a dynamic teacher from Pune, Bangalore and Singapore came down. :) No no, there were no three teachers. She is from all these places.
Had a talk today in an esteemed college of Mangalore. I started a new trend in talks. Giving out health menu card.  Around 90% of the student crowd have back-related problems, head-heaviness, and acidity, stomach related problems, cold and cough attacks. Even I used to have this terrible back-pains and acidity. Thank you AOL and Sudarshan Kriya, it just remains a memory now. Yeah! Future of India you see. At 9:00 AM in morning they are yawning and burnt out. Stressed out at such a young age, as though the entire universe is on their shoulders. Confused! Stressed! Have become the watch words of their life. Teachers are there to take care of the knowledge banks, busy completing portions, setting up papers and correcting them. Phew... at the end they puke out the answers and become hollow and empty in non-spiritual terms for a second.
By the by, Pain is inevitable! But suffering is optional!
Heal the world. Have taken a step. It is your turn.


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