Thursday, February 11, 2010

They quit & I began

Shrikanth and I had been to the Big Fm office, Mangalore. Shrikanth's good friend Sudeep (You got to meet this person, young dynamite) took us to this office at Bharat Mall, for Anantrang purpose. RJ Avinash, a popular RJ was so kind enough to explain to us the working of FM. It was an eye-opener and an amazing evening. We got to know about variety of occupations that are thriving in this nation, other than being a doctor or an engineer or a teacher. Avinash even RJed in front of us and dedicated a romantic number for Shrikanth, which made Shrikanth blush for some time :) .
RJ Avinash (Above)
 DJ Sudeep(Above)
Sudeep is this young lad who is doing his Journalism, History and English Literature in Alva’s Moodabidri. So what!! This is not it. He is also an editor of online website called nammamangaluru. Working as a journalist and a part-time RJ. A noble citizen who loves his country and quite sensitive to societal issues. Always on deadlines, fear seems to be the word he never heard. When not completing his assignments, taking part in fests, or writing articles, he watches movies. A sweet boy, respecting all and wants to be in Mangalore to make a difference.This lad has guts. Guts to choose what he wants to do rather that what was expected of him. I being this sort of person, it triggered something in me. It is nice to be successful in what we love rather than live what we do not so much love.

There are so many people taking charge of my life other than my parents (Parents have bit of the right you see:) Acting so worried and dejected at what I am doing. How can I start enjoying life? kind of thing. Being a gold-medallist they expected me to enter the mechanical world out there, slogging for peanuts. But no ways. I am here to make a difference in others life. I can confidently say I have begun in that road. Seeing them blossom in front of me.

Recently quit this crappy job of mine, as was getting trained in being artificial. Is it my cup of tea???!!!! NO!



Sudeep said...

Hey Thanks Vini :) Nice article... But i'm not that great or anythin :D Jus plain ole' me... As for the concern for society, its necessary for every person, but sadly its missing nowadays. Just trying to bring about awareness before its too late...

Sharika said...

the happiest person to see u quit job was def saurabh :D