Wednesday, March 10, 2010

August 11, 2009

When I got the news that I got the overall Gold Medal this year, I was in heaven literally. Yes! At Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore. Was undergoing the Teachers Training Course (TTC) and the day was 11 August 2009. I remember this day vividly. Was walking from Gate no 3, opposite to the Kitchen, and taking the cart-route, as had to buy some items from Divine Shop. Forough (Iranian Classmate) calls me up to tell me this. Was happy and very well in awareness. Usually what happens is I jump, I howl, I shout, I cry and roll. I would not even be able to tell the other person what is the matter without choking. But here I just heard her and thanked her for the news. She again repeated the same. I called up amma to inform her, she was just so happy, and I was happy for her.

That day was D Day. The day I would always treasure. The day I never thought I would be witnessing. That wait or tapas is non-describable. I was going to be an Art of Living teacher. Many things in life I wanted to be, wishes, desires. This was never a one or D One. It just happened. Being there and sharing the Highest knowledge with others.

Many loved ones around me were so upset that I was going to be an Art of Living teacher. Parents were confused whether to support me or to listen to others. This worry matters is generally about happiness of the child. They just want their child to be happy, but the less-informed loved ones flavour this love of our parents.This freaks my parents. Saints and good people who teach knowledge is needed, but not in my Home, neighbour’s house :) attitude.This freaks me.
So here Art of Living was implemented by me, full too.

I look back. Parents wanted me to do well in studies and I wanted to be a part of Highest Knowledge. Don’t you think even without any clue or panic to me, Guruji handled everything so beautifully.

Now I take up courses. Parents are still freaked and full of love. I continue... celebration continues...

“Everyone has their right to ignorance and narrow-mindedness, just like how I have my right to intelligence.”




nands said...

Ohh, now I came to know what you meant by "Its even more skillful to hear them, and do what we always wanted." :D
Wow! You are simply great! :)

ViNi said...


kumar said...

its gr8 you passed through those hurdles in ur family :)...Bawa said in dsn people need guts to be happy :)...u have shown ur guts :)

shrikanth KK said...

...Right to Intelligence" was a killer statement..tell in courses also no..