Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How I got Gold Medal...

Just back from Mysore after attending my convocation at University of Mysore. Manasagangothri is the second oldest University in our country. I never thought would be a part if this majestic institution. If anyone would have told me about all this about 3 years before I would have just laughed at it. Getting a merit seat, Anu and Shri as my friends in this new anjaan city, getting into this cool PG, studying a bit and having lots of fun organizing, travelling and growing as a person.

I was an average person, happy with what I have. No drive to perform more. In case I get something more than I perform is considered as a bonus by me. Only when my ego button was pushed, I perform. For Instance my distinction in my X std was the result of this.

In my MSc first year was bad! Pathetic! Confusion! Frustrating! Politics! Ill-health! Home-sickness! If anyone else were there in this place we 3 are so sure, they would have left it all and gone back. We thought and thought and stayed back. Many times I did not let home know what was happening. That is when I became prayerful. Went inwards and started my Sadhana regularly. Did my YES!+ in Mangalore and prayed to Guruji that this should happen in Mysore. You pray and it is given. Sandeep Reddy became YES!+ teacher in Mysore and we met him at Mangalore. :) :)

Organized very many courses and we just did not look back. We used to rush back from home, in order to be there for the courses. Visited all the nook and corners in the city, got to know many people and personalities, treated with lots of love and more than that, visits to Ashram became frequent, learnt how to be in politics, handling people, watching movies, late night walks, breaking PG rules, eating out, train journeys, birthday celebrations, panipuri luxuries... Good Lord!

Bad! Pathetic! Confusion! Frustrating! Politics! Ill-health! Home-sickness! WHAT ARE THESE TERMS??!!!?

We never ignored our studies. If at all I had, I would not have been attending the Convocation and receiving the Gold Medals. Studying became fun. Sadhana, Seva, Satsang and Silence (Part II courses) and an undying smile :)
The wholehearted GOLD Medals actually rightly belongs to my father who insisted on me doing the Art of Living :) and standing by me when the entire world thought otherwise. No doubts about it.
My father himself just got the President's Medal for his service.Super cool na. My pillar. You can wish him :) He does not read my blogs but will forward :P
I miss Mysore! Never thought would be :)


nands said...

Congratulations. :) You have done a lot of good work and have also achieved a lot. Keep going.
I feel your good luck factor must be a result of the high satva you have acquire! :)
And double congratulations to your father, for getting the President's Medal and for having such a nice daughter. :)

ViNi said...

@Nands: Thank you & have passed on the message to my Dad :)

vivek s said...

hey ther golden girl, gold medal wow wow. chal ab party de

kumar said...

hearty congrats !:).wish you win more accolades :)

looking within said...

Thought you had convocation without any laurels. Congratulations for the Kutti and also for Achchan!
It's amazing to get a medal from the first person of our amazing country!
Now V=real vikruthi.
You know recently I figured that Vikruthi also means a 'multi faceted person". But you can allege your meaning as a mischievous kid as well:-D.

shrikanth KK said...

Going Great Guns(3 Gs-for all 3 Golden medals..)