Monday, March 1, 2010

Global Ambassador In Mangalore

There was an explosion of Music, Youths, Enthusiasm, Dynamism, Relaxation, an Acceptance, Silence and a connection with the musicians. Who am I speaking about? The ever-mesmerizing, smiling, happy and dynamite- THE VIKRAM HAZRA and his troupe i.e. Mr Ajay Kadam (Tabla) and Mizo (Electrifying Guitar).
Vikram Hazra is the world renowned singer, musician, corporate trainer, budding photographer, Art of Living (AOL) faculty, writer, journalist, blogger and many more. But along with all this his smile and positive presence remains intact. Travelled across the globe, people wait for him to come back and spin the world around. Gaan, Gyan and Dhyan have been his watch words. We can rightfully give him the credits of making Bhajans a global brand. When Bryan Adams can make the youths of the world rock, why can’t the positive Sanskrit verses bring in life and make our souls dance along with our body. Cool Na. That’s what 1300+ youths hearing bhajans with western touch felt. They could not sit still and had to sway. This was something they never expected. After a bhajan and some jamming, the crowd was cheering encore! Encore! P.S. 80% were the ones who were hearing him or any AOL Bhajans for the first time.
Youths are the future. Vikram Bhaiya, as we fondly call him, told that this is a form of investment which he can be proud of. India needs stress-free, young, relaxed, happy politicians, business people, doctors, engineers, teachers etc. We spend a lot of time on various activities, but what about our personality. Ability to stand-apart from the crowd, ability to handle our emotions and relationships and other soft-skills are taken care by the YES!+ courses.
YES!+ is for people who have EXCELLENCE and RESPONSIBILITY in their life. It’s a challenging course for sure. (Hence I would say mediocre people stay away :)) Blossoming of creativity, skills which we did not even know existed, happens effortlessly. Vikram Bhaiya was telling us, how he had no training in music or singing in his life, is now where he is, because of Art of Living and Guruji grace. A person who did not know how to play the flute, starts playing it as soon as he got it. Amazing!!!!People were just mesmerized. One’s intuition also develops. Meditation is the coolest and happening thing in today’s world around. He led us into this beautiful 20 min meditation where in the hall was so silent that we could even hear the sound of the AC.

80% of the contributions in Art of Living courses go for the service projects and free courses across the world for the people who need them that way. Once a couple wanted to do the course free and was ready to travel to any place just to learn Sudarshan Kriya free. So they were told not only the course but even the food & accommodation is available free. Venue: Tihar Jail.
The moments we spent with him: enlightening. A source of inspiration, a wave of grace that is what happened in Mangalore. ‘Anantrang’ smeared colours of love and devotion in Mangalore and among the youths :)
Kudos to Saurabh, Chandini and the set of warriors who are better known as volunteers for an awesome show :)
Bhaiya Love you....



Vinod said...

Amazing grace, no words or superlatives!

Isha said...

wow ! u guys surely had an awesummm time with him ... :)

nands said...

Great! :)