Sunday, March 7, 2010

Management Intro Talks

A week before was in Chennai. It is so hot there. I and my wishes! When Bawa told Chennai is hot, I wanted to experience it. Never knew it would get fulfilled so fast you see. Had actually been there for an interview which I beautifully termed it as “Management Introductory Talk (MIT)”. Why?!?! The very nice part about my life is, I am qualified for the job for which I studied, but there is no experience you see. Speak of Catch-22 situation. All companies want experienced people hence not ready to take in fresher. It is nice, as I don’t want to so quickly become old and worn out. Actually I will never be!
Now why a MIT?!!

Interviewer: Excellent Curriculum Vitae (CV), awesome personality skills, so much of dynamism etc etc... But oh know, experience wise a bit low. Anyways tell us about yourself.
Yours truly: Blah... Blah... I am also a faculty of YES!+. (and wait for them to question me)
Interviewer: What is YES!+?
Yours truly: YES!+ is nothing but one of the most finest and challenging courses for the youths world over... It is known as Youth Empowerment and Skills Workshop.. (Rest some of you know my intro talks, I enlighten them on the same).
Interviewer: Hmmm continue...
Yours truly: YES!+, Sri Sri, My experiences, how youths have benefited, how we should be responsible and give back to society etc are the main topics.
Interviewer: Woah! I will take your resume back to our place. Don’t you think you are more fit as YES!+ faculty? We would love to have you in the company, but your experience level makes us think twice. All the best for a bright future.
Yours truly: Smile... Smile... Smile. Thank you.

Yours truly all happy and peaceful. I made the ever serious interview board members Smile for around 20 minutes and also think. Cool Me... Cooler my Boss :)



Sharika said...

:D, Both Chayanna and Guruji did this in their interview :)and our Vini joins the gang:)

۞ Ă√รhєk ۞ said...

:o) mast

nands said...

"Cool Me... Cooler my Boss :)"
That was cool! :)

ViNi said...

@Sharika: Love you for the comment :) blush blush.
@AShek & nands: :):):):)