Monday, March 22, 2010


Being of marriagable age is a not so cool time. If it was just me and parents ultimate decision, it would have been okey. The general tendency turns into feverishness, as age is increasing. Just because some of them got married before 22, that does not mean I need to.They have done many things I haven't and vice-versa. How can I compromise on things which are dear to me. It is infact the best for the world out there.For instance: A pure-veg groom. Am I asking a lot?? No!
The stupidity exhibition are as follows:
# The people who look out alliances for their kids, they need pure vegetarian people, and for others kids, why pure vegetarians???
# It is so difficult to get one in today's world.
# We must be ready to compromise on certain things.
# We are girls side.SoWhat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cut out the crap and leave me alone. I wish i could say so. Hate interferences which even my parents cannot say no. You know other reasons, you can add on....

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Sharika said...

The sole purpose of every relatives existence is interference and more interference and for obvious reasons I cannot make a post on this subject :D Sigh! their hearts are fragile and mouth extremely large!!!

it wont be over after marriage too.. till you get married they will harp about u r marriage and then it will you arent pregnant yet?? and once you are pregnant and have kid nobody bothers coz by then you become one of the 'nosy relatives' ( conditioning complete, mission accomplished)