Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Love is in air

Mangalore and Manipal is buzzing with activities. Love is in the air! Yes! Both the places are watching Narad Bhakti Sutras- A commentary by His Truely on Aphorisms of Love. The magical part of His talks are, it will come packaged for us the way it has to, matching the day’s happenings. I must have watched and heard the talks before, but still it all looks like the first time :). Like the other day, after the whole bunch was done with the upgrade, we sat on to watch the CD. We had gone to Pabaas, to celebrate the Upgrade :) So we were cool. (P.S: Pabaas is an ice-cream parlour).

The talk begins and His examples are all on ice-creams. The volunteers were discussing one day about the laughter of a YES!+ girl. Fun and frolic. That day Sri Sri mentioned about laughter, transcending joy and spreading love through laughter :).

This is Him. Magical and a Mystery, just like our life. Up for the week is Vegilicious- Cooking Competition at Manipal and Movie Marathon in Mangalore.




looking within said...

I loved NBS more than anything.
Inspired again now to see it..
Atmarathi avirodhena shandilyah!
RWC(Rejoice Without Conflict)- that's my life!

vikhyath said...

narad bhakthi sutra...i missed it out...u knw y :)...