Monday, March 29, 2010

Something is cooking here!

Manipal saw a different side of itself this Sunday. “Vegelicious”, a vegetarian cooking competition for the ever-accepting Manipal crowd, by the YES!+. One thing worth mentioning was the organization. Kudos to the entire team for the exemplary creativity at work... There were 15 teams who were preparing their favourite dishes, at the Welcome Group College of Hotel Management, Manipal’s Kitchen :). We need to thank Varun, a student from this institution and proud YES!+ graduate. I seriously can’t take all the volunteers’ names which can go to about 40.
Right from the venue, sponsors, posters, questionnaires, registration forms, chart work, drawings, escorts, dress code, awareness etc, even the minute details were foreseen by them all. We could aaram se recognise the volunteers because of their trademark smile and a smiley attached to their dress. Satsang was so truly mesmerizing led by YES!+ again and the best part was when the heat of Manipal literally reduced as the afternoon raaga was being played on modified guitar (A guitar having Sitar strings too!) by  Mr Aishwarya Prasad.
The very nice part of this entire process was the awareness part they could take back with them Mind-blowing and shocking details of how you (Because I don’t :)) rape the planet by having even a one meal consisting of non-vegetarian diet. Yuck!!!! And an awesome sumptuous and creative presentation of dishes right from Indonesian Potatoes to our very own Mango Tamarind Rice and many more...
Mouth-watering, yummy! slurp!. Yup! No one had any of these dishes to carry back home for obvious reasons.
There were cash prizes, First and second as well as two exotic dishes award. The college had to say, such creativity was not even seen in the college of Hotel Management, so Kudos to the participants too.
Ashok Prasad Ji! Priya! Tanu! & Myself patting your backs and love you  all :)
More to come... photos will be uploaded soon....

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Ivide kurachu kaalamayallo cook cheyyan thudangiyittu. Ithu vare kazhinjille!ha ha just kidding