Monday, April 26, 2010

Random Realizations in a Random Manner :)

Last fews days beautifully added to the pages of my life. :) :) :)

TTC (Teachers Training Course) has actually changed and polished my life. Sharika is leaving for the same. It is going to be a beautiful milestone in this Journey of ours. Life is all about accommodating people into the realm of love. Unlike the Reality shows jargon, it is about 'Selection', rather than 'Elimination'.
Only a lighted candle can light other candles. And a candle does not limit its light to itself. Just like Mother-Nature it is there to give and serve. Since few months i realized, how by sharing and caring, we are in harmony with the nature and the nature goes to any extent to 'Take Care' of us. You all are light! Spread the light!

Possession Vs Love! Guruji says it beautifully. The moment we see something or sense something/someone really nice, we want to possess it. Instead of soaking in the beauty we plan and design ways to possess it! Not just possess it, but possess it FOREVER. The moment we decide to drop this feeling, we feel light from within. At least there is this better feeling than the feelings we have while we Thought we owned it.

Last week was a thunderous week! Intro-Talk training in Mangalore and YES!+ course in Manipal :)
Nature was so happy, that she saw to it that , it rained while I was there so that I feel even more good.
Lives transformed...


nands said...

"Only a lighted candle can light other candles."
I liked that. :)

looking within said...

Beautiful and each sentence carry weight of a ton!
Happy for both of you.:-D