Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chilhood Revived

Am working in The Yenepoya School as a teacher. The energy which these kids have is amazing. This energy makes up the day. So happiness is always the bonus in the company of the kids or child-like people. Was wondering, since I became energetic, all the stressed people too have the potential to become kids in all manner. This was the time when Priyamani(www.priyax.wordpress.com) asked us to conduct the Games Carnival. Woah! That was the beginning. P.S: Priya you owe me a Chocolate Fudge for this one :) and I seriously wish I was joking.
Youngsters entered the hall with their stethoscopes, engineering drawings, charts, books, and all the other paraphernalia, which indicates everything else, other than the fact that they are youths. Not an inkling of smile, drained and doomed faces, heaviness in eyes and shoulders, they enter. On the other hand, chilled volunteers did their bit in transferring their energy to them and not wanting anything in return. So much to offer and so little time. Kya kare!  They all expected a welcome speech, instead they were entangled by their own hands. Expected a formal intro where in they were surprised with the fact that, they were not even concerned about the intro. The very first game did the Magik :) Various games, bit of bharat gyan,meditation and loads of fun tested their EnQ (Entertainment Quotient) and TQ (Team Quotient). They did not even know their group members, yet they were having the most wonderful moments of fun, forgetting their cup of sorrow, attention, inhibitions, entanglements, submissions etc. Cool na?!!?!? At the end their EnQ and TQ level zoomed high without any effort of their own. They were surprised at the manner in which tables were turned.
They realised that it was not necessary that they need to always have their hand-counted friends to realise the true-potential. The entire hall united and soaked in the energy of oneness and belongingness. Tanged in the end... we left to have more fun :)
Dedicated to: Priya, Sharika, Varun(Hotel), Vikyat, Shrikanth, Srividya, Shilu, Viji, Santu. Varun, Vivek, Joe, Shailaja, Rakesh, and Many more :):):)


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Beautiful mind and beautiful life..

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cool..i like the dedication part the best ;)