Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random Thoughts in the most random way

It was a beautiful ride since long. There has been fun, frolic, love and disappointment. But all led to ultimate joy. Yeah got engaged!!!! Will write about this when I am in those mushy-mushy atmosphere. Right now its official vacation for me, kids are back home. The emptiness of not meeting them has already set in. Realized that life teaches me a lesson, through people. I am always gifted with people and situations the moment I want to learn a lesson or the life wants to teach  me one. (PS: Its always the latter part.) :) Recently, Almas, Saji, Shantha Miss and myself had been to Coffee Day, just to wile away our time. Started talking, gossiping and sharing subtle truths on how life takes a turn after every milestone. Whether it is an engagement, marriage, birth of a kid or even the first day of schooling for that tiny-tot.
I will be stepping into a new family, new culture, traditions, relationship etc. The only prayer from my side is, 'I got to be natural.' The beautiful experience of having two families to back on is actually nice. Small wavy jitters have set in. But as Saji puts in, 'Almas and myself will be Bindaas.'

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looking within said...

Kutti, All different life situations, just be natural and rejoice:-D. All happiness in your way!