Thursday, October 14, 2010

Acceptance Realized!

Today was supposed to be like any other day. But it was not, as it triggered me to write a post after long hibernation. :) These events make it to my blog. Today took up follow-up and unique thing about this one being, it was for the Part-1 graduates. This is no different. But the events which lead to the main one are 'THE EVENTS' you see.
Murali Anna (Part-1 Faculty) calls me up and informs me about the follow-up to be taken at a place called Radhakrishna Mandir. But my head and memory voluntarily decides to work. Yeah! I hear it as Centre. Can you imagine Radhakrishna Mandir mistaken to be Centre. The two places are on two corners of the city. Rain gods too thought let her have a shower, so it starts pouring. As I walk to the bus-stand, I debate on taking an auto-rickshaw or board a bus. But then, I become responsible and decide to board a bus. Bus was over-crowded. The conductor himself was hanging out. Impatience can lead to meditation??!?! I have no clue! But I begin mediation with co-passengers and enter the bus completely after about three stops. Walk to the Centre as a proud teacher and responsible citizen and an awesome daughter. Saved  lot of energy! money! fuel! :)

I reach there to find just Ghate Mam (Center in-charge), happy to see a human-being in otherwise deserted place. We exchange pleasantries!!!!  no longer pleasant. Its already 5:55 PM and at 6 PM am supposed to be there ar Radhakrishna Mandir.I catch 3 ricks, as Mangalore Rickshaws (refer my post put in last year) are highly God-save-them kinds. Don't even mention them. Go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reach at 6:10 PM for follow-up. People are shocked to see a young girl who refused to introduce herself or rather forgot. I begin the Pranayams and tape in which new batteries are installed, refuse to work :) I plug it instead and it begins. My Kannada was put to test, or rather people were put to test and the I meditated !

All this happened and Acceptance point was put into practicality today. As it is always, my smile was impressed on my face and I was also laughing. Accepting people, situation and oneself is difficult! I agree, that is why only brave people excel in it!!!!!

Happy Navrathras :):) Enjoy the Satwa and be that...


Sharika said...

hahahah! am so glad about the tape it..and the bus thing as well..i have realised whenever you mightly decide to hold on to money via saving, guruji finds ways to make you spend it :D

looking within said...

Cool! it's all HIS play.
Just enjoy.
Happy Navarathri!

sree said...

awesome:)readin it after listening is fun wen its u :)

suman said...

:) And it gives such a kick to me when i have applied any of the knowledge points...actually its always an AHO! moment. What say?