Friday, March 25, 2011

Being an outsider...

This is the very feeling we find it difficult to come in terms with. Just imagine walking in the pathway, where all are staring at you as if, they have never... you can't even comprehend their gestures and words yet the two blocks seems eternal. We all have gone through it at some point of time or the other. Whether it is our first day at the new school, or the new job, seminar, or for that matter meeting new people. There is so many conversations happening within, and it is so convincing that we construct it out. We live in our own world. So we cannot blame  anyone.

Why these thoughts stuck me???

 Ratheesh is a very good orator and good at debates. His one article happened to be there in the laptop. The title was the same as mentioned in this post. It was beautifully written and I knew thoughts were just flowing. This was his experience on  first few days of his MS at IIT, Chicago, his first job at the gas station, where he learnt a bit of native Spanish for day to day communication and to act out the connection and even the first few days of his new job, where he was leading ten others.

The above thingy happens in all its modified version in each one of our lives.We stop. We think. We act very late and the end result is compromise. I act in front of weaker person, but when it comes to strong ones (again a make of my mind) I stop, think and of course COMPROMISE. A very cool English term.

Somehow because Ratheesh is already here and other family and friends, I don't feel that here to the extend. Probably I owe it to all the above mentioned people, experience and being with Youths from across the wold. Nothing seems to entice me, and am Happy about it :)
Love Thy Nation !!!!!


looking within said...

Mind is a strange thing, sometimes it stranger to itself. You are very lucky to be surrounded by people who care you. It's a very different experience when someone comes to a new country and has to find a space for himself. But in one way or another everybody is in our family,
Rejoice, Jgd:-D

suman said...

But I wonder how does 'HE' feel at home everywhere he goes!