Monday, March 28, 2011

OYM & SOM Day :O :) :'( :D

A few words can create so much ripple in the mind. I have always wondered, just like Happy Father's Day, Happy Mother's Day, Happy Birthday, Happy Valentines Day, we should have 'Open Your Mouth and Speak Out your Mind Day'(OYM & SOM Day), and am sure it would not be a very happy one. Recently got a mail and wanted toshoot a reply immediately, but did not. I have noticed, I never speak or reply immediately under daring circumstances. I Shut Up and think of its consequences, which would have been devastating.

Actually it is just few words, a small mind and various emotions playing World Cup in our heads. Once, I speak about it to any trustworthy person, the event loses its fizz. And I wonder why I made a big issue about it after all. :) Saint Me!!!

Anu, Sri and myseld would celebrate this day in its milder form, especially on my birthday, as that day they cannot say anything to me, in the form of advice, shouting, taunting me etc etc. They would eagerly wait for April 10 morning. That is the day I wonder why can't I celebrate my Big Day for a year ;)

 OMG! The day I we celebrate OYM & SOM day, it would be a celebration and a tragic day, as I would be happy I spoke out my mind and heart!!!! But unfortunatley even others would be celebrating the same day, and I would be the most faithful and trustworthy bait :):):)
What say??!!?!!?!??!?


Ratheesh said...

Awesome idea wifey...:)
Good thought!!!

Ratheesh said...

Awesome idea wifey..:)
Good thought!!!

srilakshmi Manchella said...