Friday, April 29, 2011

Am I ?

Just like how a Dubai returned guy is entertained to a question he dreads, last month was my turn. It was just that, "When are you leaving ?" is replaced by, "What do you do at home ?" and "How do you pass time?" Ratheesh smiles when I get to answer such questions because I have always acted the conversation out to him. Yesterday it stuck me :)
During our courtship days I was very busy. 'Very' seems to be a small word here. Teaching and travelling distances was an every day affair :) So whenever Ratheesh called, it was always "Busy" phone. He told me, that I would be seriously bored and would hate it here. So be prepared. Same thing was repeated to me, by my cousins and friends who had gone through this phase. Hmmmmmmmm

 I decided that once I land at Chicago, I am going to feel thoroughly bored. My whole aim and purpose here is to feel bored. Thats it!!! Till now not even a day has come, to the amazement of my Amma, Achan, Ratheesh when I actually told them, "I AM BORED." (Touch wood ***)

This I realised, boils down to the fact that, what you resist, PERSISTS. 

Stop for now :)



Sithara said...

Ho!!! I have never come across someone who looks forward to being bored. But being the hopelessly positive person in life; I see boredom as a good thing. I feel when one is bored, their imagination can run wild and one actual starts to "think"...

.. And it is high time we do some serios thinking in our lives and for the betterment of this world, we all should be bored for a while...

Enjoy and cheers to BOREDOM!!!

looking within said...

when you like all the things that you do, you won't have boredom. very good.