Thursday, August 18, 2011

You made me...Me :)

I don't remember the first day, when I even glanced at you or held you in my hands. The earliest memories of you, was in our famous 'Doctor uncle' veetil, when you would push the stool in the room, throughout the home, making the screechy noise, or hold the window-grill, while Amma attempting to feed you, or even better, when Amma put us both in the grey cradle so that we do not slide off. You were there, a cute, cuddly, round, bundle of joy :)

Then we come to the famous Blue veetil (I can see your smile). My cutie-pie's memory would be the crow pecking on your finger, as you were again near the window-sill, holding on to the idli and dancing. Remember my famous Monappa Ice-cream eating class :)

Then our family progressed to new home. Our home in 1993. We had so much fun and memories associated with our trip to Dubai and our short but great stay. You were more of this sharing kind, I realized. Dad used to give you money for your snack and you would buy snacks, Yes! but not eat them. Why? So that you can share it with your mother and sister. You would always save money, so that we kids can use it during 'Our Rainy Day.' Then we land in Mangalore, where our craziness grew by leaps and bounds. Whatever endeavor or madness I took up, you always were a part. Extreme fights :)(Reference: Vinu etan and hangers), extreme love (Reference: when we would end up supporting each other.), extreme fear (Reference: I cannot enter your room nah), extreme sorrow (Reference: Ammuma leaving us and also in a way me in US). Extreme beauty (Reference: Your middle cupboard).

There are so many things we shared, so may things we cared for. We created our own small world around us, which only we both could understand, we dream in.There are times when we lost cool, we cried, we laughed, we ate, we drank, we walked, we played, we roamed, we attended courses, we make-uped :) (Late night snack, google talk, Charmuri, Panipuri, shopping, movies, Mysore surprise, Chayanna meetings, our quick birthday surprises, you relishing my half-cooked curries etc etc) all with STYLE.

You added a new dimension in my life. I learnt to care and share from you.... I learnt compassion and dedication from you. You taught me how a person can be creative and patient.... Many more... Know that you are valued and u are this extra precious crazy gem in my life, whom I treasure. I love Nature, for having given me :)

Happy Birthday to you!!!! I love you :)


perennial underachiever said...

Beautiful... Jst beautiful... undoubtdly vijis bst gift dis bday..s bday..

perennial underachiever said...

Beautiful..jst beautiful...undoubtdly vijis bst gift dis bday..

Sharika said...

I agree with varun :):) distance makes heart grow fonder i think.. you are sooo vocal about u r love, u end up surprising me as usual! Aho!!! :):)

M@trix R310aded said...

wow.. wat a touching one!! I almost started crying loud!! :P

just kidding.. ;) really super one.. u both form a gr8 sister combination.. :)

suman said...

i liked the pics...its like u have been behind here all the while...and now together... :)

viji vijayan said...

Thanks alot vini♥.

Loved the gift...its piceless!:):)

Thanku for being My very precious,loving & caring sister. Missin every single moment i had with u. :)Even thou we are miles apart, our closeness neve decreases but nli increases every sec, min....:)I miss u. Luv u alot.

Gireesh said...

that was nice recollection...
felt like travelling thru time, making me remembering my childhood, my village..
Years back in childhood, it was beyond my dreams to even think of using technology to read and write, though i had pen friends (old snail mail friends) from England and US.